Club Debate

 Assignment 1

Watch the movie 'The Great Debaters' and answer the following questions:

1. When Samantha gets off the bus, what is written on the bench? 

2. According to the speaker (Dr. James Farmer Sr.) what is “the only way out of darkness?”

3. According to the Professor, what type of sport is debate? What are your weapons? 

4. Finish the phrase from James Farmer Jr.: “We do what we have to do, __________________________________.”

5.  Who is the judge? Why?  (Try to complete the whole question-answers from the scene)! 

6.  In terms of debating, what is a 'proposition'?

7.  Pay attention to the word 'denigrate'. What is professor Tolson's explanation of the word? 

8.  What does the word 'rebuttal' mean?

9.  When Henry challenges Professor Tolson to tell the debaters about himself, the Professor tells the shocking story of  Willie

Lynch. He explains that slave owners wanted to keep the bodies of slaves strong, but their minds weak. The Professor calls this

“diabolical.” Why do you think he says this? Why do you think such methods worked?

10.  What skills can you develop further while preparing to debate? 

Deadline:  To be announced! 

You can watch the movie in HD here: 

The Great Debaters